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The Nature Skills Cooperative provides nature based programming in Southern New Hampshire. Our goal is to connect families with education and resources to build their relationship with nature and with each other.  


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I'm the Lead Learner over here at the Nature Skills Cooperative. I'm a mom of two girls, Eleanor (4) and Ruby (2). Ever since I can remember, I felt a deep connection to nature. I'd lose myself in the small patch of evergreens next to my childhood home; it felt like a huge forest!

Now my passion is creating space for kids and parents to experience nature together while learning practical skills that may have gotten lost through generations. Something as simple as being able to identify the common plants that are growing right in your backyard facilitates that relationship.

I am an ordained non-denominational minister with a background in psychology, counseling, and child development. I have over a decade of experience designing programs that help children learn and grow. I'm a firm believer that safety, belonging, and awe are essential ingredients in creating environments for children, and that's how I've designed these nature-based play groups.

So, I hope you'll join me! Child-led outdoor play IS learning, and it's a wonderful gift to give your child... and yourself.

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