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DIY Homemade Seed Paper

One of my FAVORITE homemade products is homemade seed paper.

- It's eco-friendly by recycling used paper

- It looks gorgeous

- The texture is amazing

- Cards and gift tags add an amazing personal touch

And best of all... its a craft that kids can help with and get involved!

We did this activity at our Thursday play group this past week and all of the kids were completely captivated. They did a wonderful job ripping up the paper, placing it in the blender, taking turns pushing the blender button, and then mixing in the seeds. They loved feeling the texture of the pulpy water, and some of them even tried to do a taste test (not recommended but not a problem)!

We're offering a seed paper making kit through our new resource store on our website. It includes 3 frames with a mesh sieve, detailed tutorial, and even a small packet of seeds to get you started. I have tested this process extensively on my own (with help from my two pint sized side

kicks) and feel confident you will be successful on your first try with this kit.

Check it out at our resource store and share your creations with us @the_nature_skills_cooperative on instagram!

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