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Snow volcanoes - an easy outdoor science activity!

Updated: Mar 13

In traditional New Hampshire style we have gotten a few late season dumplings of snow. We still have about 4 inches in our yard, although with temps in the 40s, it is rapidly melting! Luckily for us, more snow is in the forecast next week...

So here's a fun activity you can use to take advantage of this wet, melty snow.

Snow volcanoes!!!

Here's how you do it.

Choose a container

First, grab an empty container. We used a large yogurt container, bbq sauce bottle, and soda bottle.

I think the soda bottle worked best, but it was fun to use a bunch of different methods. Depending on how ornate your build is, you could use each container to a different effect i your volcano.

Add the baking soda

Put some baking soda in the container before you build your volcano. I put in probably 2 tablespoons minimum of baking soda. I really wanted a big explosion.

Second, build your snow volcano!

You can use sand castle molds or just make a big pile with your hands or a shovel. This is your creation!

Here's a tip: if you want a taller volcano, build a solid snow base and then put your bottle on top. Secure it by packing snow and then build the opening of your volcano.

Pour the vinegar in

Now, once you have your volcano and container with baking soda all secure, it's go time! Pour the vinegar in and watch it explode!!!

Making it colorful...

We added food coloring to ours so each volcano spewed a different color. On one we even put a dab of color in 4 different spots so it came out rainbow colored... then it came out brown 😂

We wanted to make a giant volcano with multiple openings for different containers, and make each one a different color. But we ran out of time!

If you try this share with us by tagging our instagram @the_nature_skills_cooperative so we can see your colorful creations!

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