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Waterproof Outerwear: The Essential Guide

Updated: May 1

I'm not here to tell you what to do. But I want to share with you the one item that has helped me spend more time outside--and reduced my worries about messy clothes and soggy children.

The one item I recommend is... a coverall rain suit!

I personally am a fan of the tuffo muddy buddy.

Tuffo is the "budget" option, but I have them for both of my young daughters and bought them 3 years ago for one and 18 months ago for the other. Those suits have taken a beating and have passed the test.

The other highly reviewed rain suit is the oaki brand, which clocks in at around $70 versus the tuffos $25.

And good news! The oaki suit comes in adult sizes too!!!

These waterproof coveralls were a huge hit with the families in our spring playgroups and are a great option for older kids who might feel silly in a muddy buddy.

My family likes to travel LIGHT. We are not big gear people at all. Like, we will roll up to the beach with towels, a shovel, and a 12 pack of seltzers. We do go hard on the seltzer.

Any item I use has to be seriously worth it. So when I tell you that this one item is heavily featured in our adventures, I really mean it.

We have gotten a LOT of use out of our rain suits. They are super adaptable to the changing seasons in New Hampshire.

During the winter, we put insulated layers on like tights, socks, pants, shirt, and coat. Sometimes even snow pants, depending on the temperature. Then we put the rain suit on over the insulated layers as a waterproof shell.

It pulls down over boots to make a barrier from rain, slush, or snow from getting down into their boots.

In the chilly and wet spring days, we nix the snow gear but use the rain suit as a waterproof layer. With melting snow and rainy days, it lets us play in the slush and puddles without a second thought.

It cuffs tight over boots so my kids can even go splashing in the creek without getting a drop of water in their boots.

Plus, there is nothing as cute as a bunch of kids on a rainy play date are decked out in these and you see a bunch of multicolored marshmallows wobbling around. ITS ADORABLE.

i think this item helps A LOT for those days when you're tempted to stay inside because you don't feel like dealing with wet clothes or having to do muddy laundry.

You can go outside and all you have to do for clean up is wipe down the rain suit!

This is my number one recommendation for parents starting when their kids are toddlers and I have gotten nothing but absolute rave reviews.

So now you know my secret tip. Is this a must have item? Let me know!

Tuffo link

Oaki link

(These are affiliate links which don't impact your price but I might get a lil something for the recommendation. It's a great way to support my small business!)

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